Friday, February 10, 2012

New web site


Our .COM web site is being redesigned and moving to a new server.

Go to

for all resources now.

The .com site will reopen as a commercial site for the sale of paperback copies of our texts.

Why the move: MS Office Live has hosted this service since 2008. Originally they offered free domain name and free hosting for small businesses. Last year they cancelled free domain name. This year they cancelled free hosting. Since this web site is not portable the way MS designed it, we have reworked everything and found a new host (Gigapros).

The new site:

is still under construction but has all the FREE files available as well as instructions for purchase of paperbacks.

Come back to

after April 2012 to see a leaner more commercial site. The .info site will be the site most students are looking for.

FREE PDF POLICY: Our new policy is to distribute completely FREE PDF files for all of our texts.

You can find the files on

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