Tuesday, July 8, 2008

YouPublish chooses us a "Most Intriguing Creation"

from their July 8 emailing to their clients ...

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Most Intriguing Creation

[BBT] Real Analysis , 2nd Edition (2008)
By ClassicalRealAnalysis.com
With A.M. Bruckner, J.B. Bruckner, and B.S. Thomson

A YouPublish top-seller publishing downloadable versions of mathematics textbooks and driving traffic to their website.

Classical Real Analysis provides some relief to cash-strapped students and their families by offering digital textbooks, online free of charge or almost, or in hard copies for a small fraction of the cost of traditional books. The digital books can also be easily customized and updated, eliminating the waste experienced with traditionally published textbooks.

Publishers like Classical Real Analysis know colleges and universities must embrace new methods of textbook development and distribution if they want to rein in runaway costs. YouPublish is proud to support this movement toward affordability and sustainability.

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