Friday, April 11, 2008

[TBB] paperback version now available.

The second edition of our text, [TBB] Elementary Real Analysis (Thomson/Bruckner/Bruckner)
is now available as a trade paperback. For ordering information through E-store or please go to our web site:

This is actually a pretty large paperback (7" x 10" x 1.7"). If you are a student having to carry it around between classes you might prefer to wait for the split version (Volumes I and II) that will be up shortly.

If you are on a budget... Well remember that all of our titles are there as FREE PDF files in a version optimized for on-screen viewing.

[BBT] Real Analysis, Second Edition (that's the graduate level textbook) can be downloaded now too, and will be available as a trade paperback in Summer 2008.

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