Saturday, January 12, 2008

Updated versions of our textbooks uploaded

So far, since September, we have had over 9000 downloads
of our texts from the website:

The files currently posted there have had a number of corrections made. If you are using these for classroom instruction you might want to have the students access the most recent versions.

These are the undergraduate and graduate real analysis texts formerly published by Prentice Hall:

[TBB] Elementary Real Analysis, Brian S. Thomson, Judith B. Bruckner,
Andrew M. Bruckner. Prentice-Hall, 2001, xv 735 pp. [ISBN

[BBT] Real Analysis, Andrew M. Bruckner, Judith B. Bruckner, Brian S.
Thomson. Prentice-Hall, 1997, xiv 713 pp. [ISBN 0-13-458886-X]

In addition there is a new [experimental] version
of [TBB] Elementary Real Analysis: Dripped Version.

This has an enlarged treatment of integration theory on the real line with the Riemann and improper Riemann integral removed, in alignment with the D.R.I.P. program. Consider it a preliminary write-up. Use at your own risk :)
[D.R.I.P. = Dump the Riemann Integral Project]

Best wishes to all for 2008,
Brian Thomson

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